A total of seven firms have submitted bids for Package SS2B-III for the Vaitarana-Sachin section of the western dedicated freight corridor project (WDFC). These are Jhajhari NIrman Limited, Shri Sai Construction Company Private Limited, M/s Mungamuri Srihari, M/s NN Pugalia, Rami Construction Company, Shree Balaji Construction Company and Shri Patil Enterprises Private Limited. The scope of work includes construction of civil works up to formation for double line railway involving formation in embankments/cuttings, blanketing, minor bridges and road-under-bridges (RuBs) (excluding those already awarded to other contractors), retaining walls, drains, ground improvement works, relocation of existing roads etc. from chainage 151.02 km to chainage 151.45 km, chainage 151.67 km to chainage 152.6 km, chainage 153.91 km to chainage 154.84 km, chainage 155.25 km to chainage 155.75 km and chainage 156.44 km to chainage 156.92 km. The bids for the same were invited by IRCON International Limited on May 8, 2021. The work is expected to be completed in four months. at an estimated cost of Rs 243.68 million. WDFC involves development of 1,504 km long heavy haul freight corridor of double line electric (2 X 25 kV) tracks in Haryana, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.