The mission of India Rail Monitor is to provide various stakeholders and decision makers with up-to-date and comprehensive information and analysis on the railway sector in India. Through this portal we attempt to cover developments in various railway segments. This includes information on track construction, rolling stock, railway electrification, signalling and telecommunication works and financial and operation performance among others. The portal also covers developments across various upcoming and ongoing mega programmes such as Dedicated Freight Corridors, High Speed Rail System, Station Infrastructure Development, Regional Rapid Transit Systems and New Suburban Rail System.

India Rail Monitor is an offering by India Infrastructure Research and is a digitally enhanced version of our annual flagship report on Railways in India.  We have so far released 13 editions of Railways in India research report.

India Infrastructure Research publishes 35+ multi-client research reports in infrastructure sectors including energy, transportation, urban infrastructure, construction & mining, telecommunications and healthcare.  Our reports are acknowledged as high-quality, user-friendly, up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive sources of information.

The portal comprises 11 distinct sections:

Policy Watch: Update on latest policy developments, regulations and government notifications

Projects: A live tracker on project announcements, awards, commissioning, delays, etc.

Performance Indicators: Analysis of Indian Railways’ operational and financial performance

Upcoming Opportunity: An interactive tool highlighting upcoming opportunities across the railway sector

Mega Programmes: Update on progress, key developments and opportunities under mega projects

Segment Analysis: Emerging trends and developments in rolling stock, track construction and S&T segments

Tenders: Key information on live tenders and contracts across segments

Knowledge Centre: Insights and updates on key railway segments through analyst presentations

PSU Focus: Key information on railway undertakings and PSUs

Data and Statistics: Tables and charts with relevant and latest information

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