Category: Sector Report

Sector progress and key trends

This presentation highlights the overall trends, developments and the future outlook for the railway sector.

Project pipeline analysis

This presentation gives a detailed analysis of the upcoming project pipeline in the sector.

Rolling stock and production capacity

This presentation gives an overview of the growth trends and targets, existing production capacity, introduction of new coaches, the upcoming plans of production units and investment requirements, and Make in India initiative for rolling stock.

Track construction: Progress and Opportunities

This presentation highlights the current size and growth trends, completed and ongoing projects, equipment and material trends and zone wise progress in track construction.

Track electrification and focus on decarbonisation ( free access)

This presentation gives an overview of the trends in railway electrification, developments, targets and plans for net zero carbon emission, current and upcoming renewable capacity and future outlook of electrification and green development in Indian Railways.

Signalling and telecommunication systems

This presentation gives an overview of the current infrastructure and practices, developments, and future investment requirements for signaling and telecommunication systems market in Indian Railways.

Update on zonal railways

This presentation gives a detailed assessment of traffic and revenue trends in zonal railways.

Key Players

This presentation cover operations, financial performance, recent developments, and future plans of key players. View...